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SEASONAL SUPPORT △ with Essential Oils

Blahhhhhhhh! Is there much worse than seasonal ikky threats?! Especially when you’re as busy as a bee, loving snuggly nights, heart warming meals and donning your favourite uggies.

Alas… life happens! Work, play, school runs, lunches, sport etc all must carry on..
Let alone kids who need the support as much as we do! Even the most averagely heathy human can be struck with congestion, runny noses, head tension, low energy -physically and vibrationally, sore throats and coughing fits etc

🌿It’s amazing to be able to reach for natural solutions wherever possible🌿

Gorgeous plant medicine is potent, effective, reliable and cost effective..
Tastes better than any over the counter chemical stuff!…
& can support you and your family daily, all season round.
OH! and it smells divine and is toxFREE!
Ahhhhhhuh thank you mother nature Xx

Here is some of my favourite tricks
Use em, love em, SOAK EM UP!
What’s healing if you can’t share it



Below I am sharing our best go-to use for times of seasonal flare ups or system complaints.
We use the following awesome oils to help support our bodies throughout. We’ve learnt to ALWAYS have them on hand- it’s a nightmare running out of these when you really need them!


Although they are great to help support us when needed, keep in mind that On Guard is  fantastic to use regularly to keep on top of your immunity -not just in oil form, but the cleaner concentrate and other items can boost the immunity of your home throughout too-
Then, implementation for more intense times can be used for further POW.
I vouch as true that at times when I was not as diligent with keeping on top of my immunity game, the seasonal buggers would find their way!


Please know I only use my choice of DoTERRA CPTG oils so cannot comment on other varieties. Reach out if you’d like to know more or click here
Also, Please be sure to adjust dilution for you and your family
by referring to the appropriate chart > here
Remember.. Every’body’ is different

Happy empowered wellness to you!
Love Natayla