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Your ‘ALL Things Travel with Essential Oils’ to support
you and your fambam when on the road, in the air or abroad
Do not leave home without these natural oily gems!

Traveling is SO much fun! But as we know, new environments, unusual foods and unfamiliar places can bring its own challenges.

Yes you can travel with your oils! They can not only be amazingly supportive for a huge plethora of situations, but are also fantastically convenient, toxFREE, accessible, affordable, beyond natural and safe to use for all.

Use the below as a reference as you prepare for you trip and make it your own. Teatree for instance is also great for cleansing skin issues, purifying the air and a handy first aid item. You may find other oils suitable to add for your family’s unique needs also, so adjust as you wish.

Please note, always skin test and use a Dilution Chart to cater to your requirements and check with airlines or your oily support network for possible flying restrictions if any. 

HAPPY + SAFE TRAVELS anywhere your hearts and smiles take you

Abundant love, light + wellness always