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Totally loving this Magic Baby Balm! On to an absolute winner here.

Calms skin irritations
Soothes cranky babes
Helps teething symptoms
Promotes deep relaxation + restful sleep
Acts as a barrier protecting bub’s skin


** UPDATE! **
This sublime blend now contains COPAIBA!
Doterra’s newly released oil that sold out in mere weeks 😯
Phenomenal for pain, renewal, cells, recovery, mood, inflammation + more.
If you need a new wonder oil. Consider Copaiba for your plant medicine kit!


Needing something to help heal little Navii’s cheeks, I thought how great would it be to have a balm that could only only help soothe her skin irritations, but also help calm her mood and settle her teething complaints. We use Lavender and Roman Chamomile in her teething roller bottle, these oils are also AMAZING for all things skin and calming moods. Manuka is simply an incredible oil and well revered for its own powerful healing properties, as well as promoting deep relaxation and sleep and used for meditation and spiritual enlightenment.

The combination of the 3 oils makes for a powerhouse of healing deliciousness. It smells divine and its beeswax + shea butter base makes for a nourishing balm and practical for easy use and application.

1. Melt down equal parts of Beeswax + Shea Butter in a saucepan
2. Add a teaspoon of Castor Oil (another incredible oil for skin healing) or Coconut Oil
3. Mix well and when the mix has cooled (but no solidified) Add your essential oils

My jar is only little. So this mix is approx 2T of Bees Wax + Shea, 1t of Castor Oil
10 drops of Lavender & Manuka and 5 drops of Roman Chamomile.

Please refer to your dilution ratios to customise to your needs.

Enjoy! Hope you love it as much as we do