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Please note, a GODDESS EMPOWERMENT session is particularly
essential for the first few sessions.
This way we have the time and space to truly
tune into your spirit’s calling and ensure you get the most benefit
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there is many a theme we can explore in order to enhance your
transformational spiritual journey;

this can depend on what you are seeking>> or what may be seeking you 

peaceful practices▲meditation▲mindfulness▲igniting you intuition
▲connecting with the voice of your higher self
▲using essential oils, crystals, and sacred rituals to enhance your emotions, moods + outlook

see ZEN HEAL for more insight Xx

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△ please feel free to contact me with your requests of themes you’d like help & guidance with△

I’d love to consider your needs in further developing programs that help + heal us all,
or I can help share someone within the kindrenklan network to share with you

we are one

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>> authentically, peacefully, passionately and with heartfelt unbridled love & clarity <<

raise your vibration ▲ unearth your spirituality ▲ zen’spire your life

inspired action

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totally blissed + buoyed to further align with you soon!

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pic. joy of light photography
pic. joy of light photography