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Greetings wild hearts

Feeling the full moon waves by any chance?
It’s not so much a matter of does the full moon affect you,
but to what intensity it does so

There are many an emotion and feeling that comes with moon energy. When we’re not aware of these happenings, we just think we’re freaking crazy! But when we are aware, we know there’s more to work at place universally than just how we feel at a micro level. I don’t mean to say go crazy with and validate all your reactions as the moon’s fault.. But certainly understand it’s an ideal time to go within and be gentle with yourself. Full moon energy is not just on the night when the moon is fullest. But in the week or so leading up to it as she waxes and grows.


  • More sensitive and emotional
  • Foggy headed, overwhelmed with thoughts, plans or tasks
  • Lacking clarity in relationships, situations, workplace
  • A sharper psychic awareness/r understandings or spiritual insights
  • Tired, introverted
  • Wanting to stay away from social gatherings, public places, perhaps preferring to stay cuddled up inside with your favourite books, people and pets.
  • Full moon energy also sees everything amplified!
  • Physical pain, body speak or flare ups. For myself for instance, I have auto immune and can relapse into chronic fatigue at times. I feel the physical body too is even amplified with full moon energy and my symptoms seem to me much worse


The intensity of these emotions are temporary. If we are feeling down, overwhelmed, self conscious or lacklustre in our confidence, relationships, dreams and goals, be ware not to make any big decisions at such times. As they say, don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings. Wait for the full moon to pass when you have more clarity and centeredness in your body, mind and spirit.

Remember to, to not only be gentle on yourself, but others too. Although everyone may not know it, they too are impacted by full moon energy- so try not to take things personally or react in haste.



  1. Be aware of your mood, emotions and that of others. Be grounded in your body and mind, gentle with yourself and others and understanding.
  2. Activate your witness mode mentality. We should do this regularly any way, but more so at such hightened and emotional times. In other words, see everything that is going on around you, drama, worry, low energy, stress and concern> Yet do not become it. Do not let the temporary lack in optimism suck you up in a black hole.
  3. Remember too, this is shadow work.. Which tends to freak people out as they have to see things in themselves they rather not. This actually an exceptionally powerful process, as we can bring up what no longer serves us and feel into if it’s time to release some past habits, experiences, memories or emotions and let them dissolve with the full moon as we choose new processes to take its place.
  4. It is OK to be introverted, to hermit and embrace your shadow. See it, release it, transmute it, and EVOKE a new way of being in moving forward.
  5. Use your tools, & learn new ones. It’s a beautiful time to add to your spiritual tool kit. I love using my essential oils to create concoctions, enjoying crystal energy, reading and meditating.
  6. If feeling concerned, anxious or vulnerable. Repeat the mantra below;
“It is safe for me to be introspective, contemplative and embrace my shadow side. I trust in the process, release what is no longer needed and invite positive new energy into my being.”


  • JOURNAL or write.
    Do this in free writing style, ie with out a topic or agenda and just let your subconscious flow. Or write with the intent to feel into what you would like to release and change and what else you’d like to invite to take its place as a new habit or process.
    Do this by candle light, with your favourite crystals, pendants, essential oils and other sacred tools you love.
    Some like to burn, tear up or bury their release story in a way of finalisation. Importantly, as you invoke the new habit, do so by way of anchoring with an essential oil or choice.I love my full moon roller blend and spray. I use this each month as part of my sacred practice and sometimes like to add some of the same oils to an Epsom salt bath to thoroughly soak away and cleanse my bodies physically and energetically. Creating an anchor with new thought processes and ways of being is a powerful union, as it anchors and aligns your intention with your cells. Creating new pathways not only in your brain, but also in your emotional being too.Remember to repeat the mantra or one of your own as you complete the process also.
    These rituals can take place on the night of the full moon, however the energy is still as potent a day either side
  • CLEANSE your crystals.
    Some like to do this on a tray or scarf somewhere in the full moon light overnight.
    A cleansing spray or smudge stick can also be used to cleanse your sacred tools and crystals also. Hold the intention of release, close your eyes and visualise the full moon glow cleansing them as you complete the process.
    If you are more inclined to stay in doors and contemplate. It is a nice time to write poetry, paint or draw. Doing this whilst by salt lamp glow, diffusing your favourite full moon blend or wearing your full moon roller ‘pure’fume.
    If you have children, allow them to be part of the process by asking them to draw their own full moon image and keep in a journal to see how they change over the years. Even without the dialogue, the creative process of drawing how you feel is equally as powerful and is a nice way for little people to cleanse and revitalise their energy bodies too.

Sending abundant full moon blessing your way gorgeous goddesses