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Somedays, hearts hurt that much hugs don’t quite cut it..

Particularly when the those who are part of your healing story are nowhere to be seen, no longer a physical part of your current experience, or perhaps they have moved on to another world before resolution actually took place..

There are often many hopes in how our healing stories should actually resolve- the way we imagine would be best- Alas, sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way.

This residual pain can cause suffering if we allow it. OR we can also choose to forgive and release the suffering and allow only peace to remain. It may not erase the scar entirely, however it does facilitate enough freedom so that we, and our future selves and family can be free from ongoing pain too. Which ultimately is what we want to achieve, to halt the hurt cycle and move on.

Sometimes however, those we need resolve with are not present, alive or willing to be part of this healing process. It does not mean we can not pioneer the healing for the greater good of all.

The following oils help soothe, support and emotionally release pain, anger and sadness on many levels. Diffuse, inhale and enjoy the blend without too much conscious query and questioning- JUST BE- and allow what pain is no longer needed, to dissolve and make way for new blessings in your life