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How can tiny little bottles of heavenly sent mother earth gaia goodness possibly provide so much
magic as to transform your wellness world & personal lifestyle as you know it?? Well..
If you’re interested in living a more

cell nurturing
spirit uplifting
mood nourishing
meaningful &
heartFULL life
these phenomenal essential oils may just be the sparkle to bling your world!

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Not at all to be dismissed as new age mumbo, there is nothing fictitious about essential oils..


These tiny morsels in sacred brown bottles are truly phenomenal!
Aromatic plants and oils have anciently be acknowledged by civilisations and revered as the most recognised and effective medicine known to mankind.

It is long beyond time that therapeutic grade essential oils be revered and respected for the amazing potential they actually attain.

Essential oils are the volatile liquids that are distilled from plants (seeds, bark, leaves, stems, flowers, fruit). They powerfully embody the regenerating, protective, and immune-strengthening, properties of plants.

These particular oils meet the purest, most dedicated and holistically respectful standard of birthing.. Sourced straight from their native natural home of origin- as to ensure the plant is able to live, derive and thrive in its optimal environment for prime vibrational nourishment- then gorgeously to our loving hands for personal use- Entirely BEYOND ORGANIC 

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• systemic system for cellular penetration and enhancement
(from souls of feet goodness enters the blood stream in 30 seconds)
• localised to heal with rashes, burns, aches, pains
• dermal: massaged for relaxation, skin absorption
• apply to head, feet, behind ears, chest, neck, wrists

• detoxifies, supports, cleanses, heals
• assisting mouth, throat, liver, digestive and urogenital systems
• specific to DoTerra CPTG oils (just as plants, fresh/dried herbs etc)

• breathe in/inhale
(i LOVE rubbing them in palms of my hands then inhaling deeply for instant goodness)
• diffuse in the air and your environment to;
• open airways, lift / affect mood, including depression

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DoTerra’s co-impact sourcing uses a ‘global network of artisans to provide the raw materials, as to maintain the high standard of quality set for premium purity, potency, and consistency with proven process that yields industry leading quality’ (

This gorgeous holistic sourcing legitimately excites my cells to the core..
Lemon from Sicily
Lavendar from France
Ylang Ylang from Madagascar
Rose from Bulgaria
Black Pepper from India and
Melaleuca tea tree and Eucalyptus from our own backyard in Australia

These oils really must be experienced to be fully appreciated for their pure amazingness!

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MORE MAGIC.. yup, it continues >
Essential oil constituents are both small in molecular size and are also liquid soluble, allowing many of them to easily and quickly penetrate the skin, cell membranes, even with the potential and propensity to positively affect the blood stream with 3 minutes and every cell in the body within 20minutes, then further metabolised like other nutrients.

For thoroughly cell soaking, oily nourishing virtuousness!

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while essential oils destroy harmful bacteria and viruses,
they simultaneously nourish the person and system
as well as provide immune system suppor
Tailoring and targeting their magic wherever you need it most

HEY! We know & understand that..

Lavender is calming for our nerves and skin
Peppermint for a sore belly, insect repelling + motion sickness
Orange for anxiety or feeling uplifted
(the applications and uses are truly endless –  mind-blowing stuff)

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By using various oils, smells and their effects specifically,
we can consciously amend, heal and uplift the body’s emotional, physical,
mental & spiritual responses and wellbeing.
– This ain’t new news, new age or hippy quackery – 
people have long utilised the benefits of nature’s bounty>
benefiting from essential oils, plants, herbs and spice
for many uses since the beginning of time 


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As I’d love to align + nurture you! 

I am proudly part of a wonderful conscious network who aim only to
empower & strengthen each and everyone of us
with continual inspiration, motivation and community spirit
that nurtures, heals & inspires> Sublime Xx

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I truly believe…
Everyone’s journey with essential oils is unique, personal &