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Our gorgeous emotions can truly be so amazing,
as well as dead set candy crushers..
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Sometimes we need to use our full blown spiritual 
swiss army knife to negate depressive or anxious mood states

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Let’s face it, some times no matter how many times we’ve relied on our spiritual tool kit, the odd occurrence can arise from the depths of our ocean to take us for a six.. Just when you feel all over it, a dramatic flag or event has surged from nowhere leaving us feel shaky and vulnerable.

Although it can be easy to flip out- we’ve all done it- there are also moments between the mayhem we can stop and embrace our choice point. 

Handy go-to tools are a legitimate must for any one who wants to regain stillness in the eye of their emotional storm. Here I share a few mini tips I used recently to help embrace my spirit in an amped up anxiety attack.. With the use of some of my usual tricks including centring with breath work, mindfulness and essential oils..

We may not necessarily be able to eliminate all anxiety triggers from our existence.. Nor should we be down on ourselves for experiencing a relapse or emotional low. It’s power in expanding past these experiences and using what we have, or learning new empowered techniques to see us continually expand and thrive beyond our limits – as this is where our growth lies – our spiritual magic zone.

Forever remember, you are not alone. It’s an interesting journey at times and such themes of angst are common for many.  These techniques mentioned above are often explored and discussed in zeness empowerment sessions and various events- so please feel free to reach out if you’d like to connect- see my social media pages for meets. We’re all in this together

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Please note,  I only use doTERRA CPTG essential oils. This is not medical advice, yet an account of my personal ongoing experience.

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Yours with starry love, light + wellness
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