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Totally loving this Magic Baby Balm! On to an absolute winner here.

Calms skin irritations
Soothes cranky babes
Helps teething symptoms
Promotes deep relaxation + restful sleep
Acts as a barrier protecting bub’s skin


** UPDATE! **
This sublime blend now contains COPAIBA!
Doterra’s newly released oil that sold out in mere weeks 😯
Phenomenal for pain, renewal, cells, recovery, mood, inflammation + more.
If you need a new wonder oil. Consider Copaiba for your plant medicine kit!


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SEASONAL SUPPORT △ with Essential Oils

Blahhhhhhhh! Is there much worse than seasonal ikky threats?! Especially when you’re as busy as a bee, loving snuggly nights, heart warming meals and donning your favourite uggies.

Alas… life happens! Work, play, school runs, lunches, sport etc all must carry on..
Let alone kids who need the support as much as we do! Even the most averagely heathy human can be struck with congestion, runny noses, head tension, low energy -physically and vibrationally, sore throats and coughing fits etc

🌿It’s amazing to be able to reach for natural solutions wherever possible🌿



Nothing worse than having your lungs filled with pricey, powdery aerosols that smell like –
well actually ‘nothing like‘ flowers, the ocean breeze or pine!
Fake fresheners are an absolute killer for my auto immune flares, I love these easy to make alternatives that smell SO much better and are good for us too.

△  △  △

These blends below are simple to whip up, super cheap, beautiful to inhale,
can be used to deodorise a room,  an area, shoes or even mattresses…

AND are packed full of benefits for our minds, body + wellness.

I even use on clothes that have been packed away for a while-
a few sprays, hang them in an open space and vavoom; beautiful  Xx




Replace the blue chem-charged window cleaner with a super easy to make DIY, eco, economical spray that will leave your mirrors and windows spanky clean and smelling amazing.

It’s an awesome thing to not have to fill trolly with expensive toxic consumables.
Especially when they can be so safely and easily whipped up in minutes.