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 △ what brings me here in front of you | compelled to share my journey  △
– bumps + triumphs –
transparent for all?
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“Moi! Bumps you say? Umm yeuuuup!
A damn bucket load!”

& i aint afraid to bloody share em! i don’t think anyone should!.. why??
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△ △  we are ALL of our story △ △ 

just showing the bits we want for all to see, isn’t the path to happiness;
it’s the pretend & often very painful shortcut
△ so why suffer in silence?△


Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 4.14.37 pmIT IS WHY WERE ARE HERE!!
to LIVE + LOVE our story
▽ ▽ ▽ ▽ ▽ ▽

ahhhhhhhhhh go on>> exhale
breathe a sigh of relief!
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<< THE KEY>>
– is to live, love & learn our lessons from the heart & with unbridled authenticity –

if we choose to ignore our growth, and to continue replaying the same old
default patterns, behaviours, relationships, scenarios
GUESS WHAT? They don’t go away!
they’ll typically resurface some other way at another time,
& a little louder, scarier, brasher until we deal with it
▽  ▽  ▽  ▽  ▽

it may not be easy > but owning our stuff & growing
sure it a life changer!

transformative, powerful and beautifully expansive & MORE
▼  ▼  ▼  ▼ 

sharing our bumps and pain story readies it  for healing and dispersion
knowing that we are not crazy / alone / without hope is a tremendous element in our energetic shift
to then share our emotional + spiritual freedom techniques
means we can share our bumps and triumphs
and be there raw . open & honest for our kindred sisters
▽  ▽  ▽


not to dramatise or re-live our pain
but to acknowledge ▷ forgive ▷ & release it
to clear old energy and throughtforms no longer needed
to replace it with more of what we do want

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△△△ M Y  S T O R Y △△△

well put it this way.. iv never done things mildly!
putting all on my sleeve>>> i love hard, play hard, think hard, feel hard, i’ve taken risks, been a solo warrior, made some awesome choices, as well as experienced some maaaaassive challenges, i’ve bounced back, and fallen again, only to rise>> then repeat…                                                                             △△△

△ All in all though – like a true indigo – I decided to fast track a ton of massive life lessons in a few decades △

Am I only proud & willing to share my glorious moments,
leaving my ‘ooops could have done that differently’ bumps to hide in the shadows..
NOW WAY!; they were all experienced & felt wholeheartedly for
divine reasons that I love, revere and respect.

If nothing else I have learnt on this road as an observer of life...
△△△ our experiences are our greatest teachers △△△
making how we manoeuvre ourselves in response,
 △ our greatest learning moments 


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Life is an unpredictable ocean of ebbs and flows>> Sometimes smooth, sometimes not..

Despite my evolving journey, I’m very much familiar with pain body experiences.. I too have not been exempt from traumatic heartbreak; family turmoil, being disowned by relatives and friends, my ongoing auto immune dis-ease (which some days leaves me aching and throbbing, unable to move and pained to speak).. list could go way on here!…

Yep, I could have given up many times- & sometimes really felt like it! Yet rather than pack it in, I wholeheartedly decided to walk and act from love & light rather than be consumed and derailed by the events in my life. Even when I felt it was too much to comprehend, I also always felt the guidance of a tiny light, a higher element, a voice, a knowing that there was more to come- That despite the trauma of whatever was happening, that it would one day make sense.

& it did..
I deeply believe such events have occurred in my life for a reason– to rise above my experiences and learn from them, ultimately enabling me to share this guidance with others. Although many declare it can be ‘tough’ to be optimistic, positive and walk the light-workers way, my guidance affirms often that the fear based negative alternative is infinitely harder>> than embracing your inert warrior spirit


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yep… was kinda a little different from the start! as you can see! (haha thanks mum!)

why have i included a pic of lil’me? i actually have this framed in my zenden and i tell her i love her every day. nope>> not crazy! i swear it!

▽ ▽ ▽ inner child work is so important >>
if not pivotal to our self love + healing as adults

so many scars can remain in our subconscious from life events>
feelings, fears, memories, likes, dislikes, experiences> all that.
it’s part of us as much as our dna and
impacts our life daily.

i urge you to love your little you.
you are loved!








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 we are CREATORS of our lives >> not-by products of our experiences
we best create when we authentically work from happiness, love and from the heart
>> not reactively from fear and negativity
▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

Becoming consciously ‘aware’ or living mindfully from the heart doesn’t necessarily mean negative events instantly disappear from our lives.

Life inevitably expands in gorgeous correlation however
<< our responses to events improves, less stress is roused, toxic relationships fall away >>
& as the laws of the universal manifestation declares,
▼ we are free to invite more of what’s good
▼ become magnets for better experiences
▼ opportunities, relationships and
▼ maintain a more peacefully mindful presence

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▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

▲ ▲ it’s my passion and desire to empower you do it too ▲ 





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◇I’m a Capricorn- born in the era of the indigo’s
◇at high school I was voted most likely to live in utopia and run the country
◇was born with a rare life threatening condition that apparently had only been recorded one other time in the world – hence feel very lucky im here at all- thanks mumma
◇used to eat a kilo of lollies a week in my twenties, thinking sugar was fine
◇as told I would probably never have kids, then like true Capricorn indigo, went on to have 3 beautiful babes
◇currently learning to thrive with an autoimmune disease and have a history of chronic digestive, inflammation, hormonal and fatigue issues- which I’m working on..
◇am a starchild, ufo lover from wayyyyy back
◇favourite book is clan of the cave bear and anything ever published on consciousness
◇ love communicating with my soul family, higher guidance, intuition, angels and spirit guides

◇with my little humans, trampoline, lego, laughing, boardgames
◇anything water! swimming, paddle boarding, learning to surf, playing mermaids
◇beach wandering, shell + drift wood collecting,
◇revamping misshapen barbie dolls
◇reading! just love it!
◇drawing, another old love I cant wait to dabble in more
◇alchemy with essential oils
◇fermenting, komboocha’ing
(could go on>> but i won’t!)

 life is not ‘happening’ to us – it is ‘responding’ to us