Wonder oil – OnGuard!

– DoTERRA OnGuard – 

The oil that officially had me HOOOOOOOOOKED!
The pow-wow  pocket rocket,
must have protective blend for every soul, fam and bohome..

△  △  △

Generally used to protect you from bacteria, told, viruses. This oil works wonders to support you when you’re unwell, allowing you to feel supported and relieved from icky symptoms, as well as boost your immunity whilst your body does it’s thing..
>> Empowering? Indeed!

Use it internally, topically or aromatically-  combine and layer it with your other oily favourites and ensure you are enhancing yourself in every way. Not only can it assist you when you or your tribe are unwell, but also as a proactive preventative, ensuring you feel supported any time- hence the name i assume, OnGuard!

The benefits of this sublime oil are not just limited to the above mentioned, its properties transcend physical layers also protecting you energetically- known to give you an added emotional boost when feeling vulnerable, weak, unprotected, even susceptible to peer pressure. Use it to boost confidence, enhance your integrity and independence as well as clarify your boundaries- How’s that for the oil of protection! (Read more in the ‘Emotions & Essential Oils Reference Guide’)

Please note, I only use and refer to DoTERRA CPTG essential oils. This is not medical advice, yet account of my personal ongoing experience.

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Yours with starry love, light + wellness!